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  • The Iran–Iraq War (Also known as the longest conventional war of 20th century) began in Sep 1980 when Iraq invaded Iran.
  • During the conflict, Iraq began to employ Mustard gas and Nerve agents ( tabun , Sarin and Soman and possibly VX) delivered by bombs dropped from airplanes, artillery and other means;  it was the first large scale use of chemical weapons since world war one and a clear violation of international law including 1925 Geneva protocol.
  • Chemical weapons employed by Saddam Hussein killed and injured tens of thousands of Iranians, and even Iraqis. Iraq also targeted Iranian civilians with chemical weapons. Many thousands were killed in attacks on populations in villages and towns, as well as front-line hospitals. Many still suffer from the severe effects.
  • According to Iraqi documents, assistance in developing chemical weapons was obtained from firms in many countries, including the United States, West Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, France and China.
  • About 1,000,000 Iranian soldiers and civilian were exposed to CW agents and at least 100,000 were hospitalized because of severe injuries; Majority of those who survived developed long term health effects including blood, lung and skin complications.
  • Currently over 65,000 of survivors suffer from exposure related illnesses and seek medical treatment regularly, many are still hospitalized with severe, chronic conditions.
  • There are also many thousands of the CW victims who are not registered because of the lack of medical records, many of them are civilians who were injured during gas attacks against residential areas and received medical care in local medical centers or did not have access to any medical center thus no acceptable documents to be recognized by the government to be considered as eligible for receiving medical services.

  • In March 2003 the United Nations Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission (UNMOVIC) stated that according to Iraqi officials, Iraq dropped almost 19,500 chemical bombs, more than 54,000 chemical artillery shells and 27,000 short-range chemical rockets between 1983 and 1988 on Iranians. Iraq also declared that about 1,800 tonnes of Mustard Gas, 140 tonnes of Tabun and more than 600 tonnes of Sarin had been used during this period against Iran.
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